New DPF & DOC's

diesel particulate filters diesel oxidation catalysts

Diesel particulate filters (DPF)

Diesel particulate filters are precious-metal-coated wall-flow filters.  World-leading coating technologies of the filters we use guarantee a one-of-a-kind purification performance with over 90% PM reduction and long-term chemical durability. 

Diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC)

Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology reduces effectively hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions as well as the soluble organic fraction of the particulate matter (PM).

Clamps & Gaskets

DPF clamps and gaskets offers a variety of accessories for your new or existing DPF or DOC filter. Semi truck accessories that cover popular industry brands like Mack, Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, International Navistar and more. 

If you need a new DPF, a DPF accessory and would like your DPF cleaned in the Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI metro area, contact the DPF experts at


Exhaust Sensors and Bungs

Real-time measurement of the DPF loading state using DPF sensors enables feedback control and optimization of the filter regeneration process and management of the after treatment system. Improved sensing and control of these processes provide cost savings and accelerates development times for OEM customers, while delivering additional fuel savings and extended component life to end users.

Urea Dosing

Urea dosing systems must ensure injecting the precise amount of urea for the SCR reactions and uniform mixing of urea and ammonia with the exhaust gas. Better atomization and smaller droplet size of injected urea allow a more complete conversion to ammonia and can minimize the risk of fouling by solid deposits. Many commercial urea injection systems utilize compressed air to improve atomization, but airless systems have also been developed. The urea dosing system components include pumps, injectors, mixers, and urea tanks.

DPF Cleaning

An alternative is the owner removing the DPF and taking it, or a batch of them, to a servicing shop. Here the owner gets back his DPFs, even if he moves them among like-spec'd vehicles in the fleet. This requires him to keep a stock of new or cleaned DPFs to install when loaded up units are removed. An advantage is low downtime for individual vehicles. 


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